ADHD Can Make a Profound Impact on Your Child’s Life

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March 26, 2017
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ADHD Can Make a Profound Impact on Your Child’s Life

If your child has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADHD, you know as well as anyone that it can be a struggle. There is a decided lack of common knowledge when it comes to this disorder. Many do not understand the endeavor that it can truly present. There are a wide variety of reasons that your child may have or develop ADHD. However, there are also a wide variety of treatment plans and solutions. However, the first thing that you need to do is understand the extent to which this can affect your child’s daily life.

ADHD Can Impact School, Home, and Social Lives

From rising in the morning until their head hits the pillow at night, not a moment goes by in your child’s day that is not in some way influenced by their ADHD. These can be minor inconveniences or larger scale issues. It depends entirely on the child and the strength of their disorder. However, there are a few problems that tend to be challenging across the spectrum, just at different rates for different kids.

ADHD and Classes Tend to Disagree

When it comes to schooling, you may find that although your child is brilliant, he or she may struggle. ADHD takes its toll differently with different students. There are ways that we can work with and teach these kids, but sometimes it takes just a little extra elbow grease. You see, ADHD is highly responsible for inattention. Inattention comes at varying degrees for different kids, but is still a defining factor of ADHD. It makes it to where your child struggles to focus on his work in and out of the classroom.

This leads to careless mistakes that they do not notice before it is too late to remedy them, or that they do not notice at all. ADHD also generally will make it much more difficult for your student to stay organized. It takes a certain degree of discipline to maintain the structure and routine that comes with school, along with keeping assignments and projects under tabs. Children who struggle this way may find themselves procrastinating, forgetting assignments altogether, or forgetting how/when to do them. This makes very capable students seem incapable, because they are distracted or flustered.

Your Home Life May Be Disrupted

At home, you may struggle to understand or to help your child. ADHD can cause a wide variety of disruptive behaviors. When your child has ADHD, he or she may be unable to play quietly, whether with others or on their own. In public, they may have trouble not running, climbing, or playing in situations where such behavior may not be appropriate. This can cause disruption as you try to calm them, or in general if they cause a problem. They can also struggle at times with interpersonal skills. They tend to have so much going on in their heads at any given moment that they may find themselves interrupting others or intruding on others’ privacy without intending to.

Social Issues Relative to ADHD

Children with ADHD’s social lives can be drastically impaired. These interpersonal skills listed above can make it difficult to form relationships with some people who may not have the necessary patience toward with the individual. They also struggle to filter what they say. If it is in their head, it will probably leave their lips. Because they struggle to understand how their behavior can affect other people, they tend to have a difficult time making friends. These kids also tend to overreact to a great many scenarios without meaning to do so. They have a tendency to lash out when they are not happy, and this can turn physical easily. Finally, your child may not be reliable, similar to the struggle with staying organized in school. He or she may struggle to plan ahead, and if they do, they may not follow through well.

Causes of ADHD

There are a wide variety of potential causes for ADHD. Some of these are things that we can prevent while others are naturally born. It is important to note that the more commonly believed causes, such as sugar, TV or computers, or bad parenting (though genetics can play a role) do not in fact lead to ADHD. Do not blame yourself for your child’s nature. When considering causes that can be avoided, smoking and drinking while you are pregnant may lead to ADHD (along with other disorders). This can (and should) be prevented while you are pregnant at all costs. It can ultimately cost your baby his or her life. ADHD can also develop as a result of improperly used food additives or an exposure to lead. Brain injury can also lead to the development of disorders and other issues.

One lesser known cause for ADHD is actually another disorder, called Obstructive Sleep Disorder. This disorder is known to cause the problems from ADD and ADHD to bedwetting, snoring, allergies, and asthma. This can occur in up to 90% of kids, and can actually be repaired. Using an oral appliance therapy can eliminate the oxygen deprivation that comes from the sleep disorder. So, when your child is awake, their teeth and mouth are healthier, and their behavior is back to normal!

If you believe that your child may suffer from Obstructive Sleep Disorder and you would like more information on how an oral appliance could help, call Mark Levy DDS at (614) 777-7350. They can provide any beneficial information they can in the treatment of your child’s ADHD.