Columbus Fibromyalgia

The chronic pain disorder, fibromyalgia, is commonly associated with TMJ, (“temporomandibular joint disorder“), which causes constant pain in the jaw region. Both TMJ and fibromyalgia affect the muscles of the face, head, neck, shoulders, and back; oftentimes, those suffering from these disorders can develop persistent headaches and other side effects that are disruptive in their everyday lives.

Mark Levy, D.D.S. is a cosmetic dentist who offers treatment for TMJ and fibromyalgia in Columbus and Hilliard areas with the use of neuromuscular dentistry to alleviate pain. He has been an instructor at the Las Vegas Institute (LVI) and at The Ohio State University, College of Dentistry. With more than 30 years of experience and continued post-graduate education, Dr. Levy is a leader in the latest in cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry. Those in the central Ohio area, seek the help of Dr. Levy for fibromyalgia / TMJ pain.

Fibromyalgia and TMJ Therapy with Neuromuscular Dentistry

Those who are experiencing pain due to TMJ or fibromyalgia may consult with our Columbus, Ohio fibromyalgia specialist, Dr. Levy. He provides treatment options for alleviating the pain that is commonly associated with these disorders.

In order to develop a TMJ / fibromyalgia diagnosis, Dr. Levy will evaluate your symptoms. Individuals who have TMJ and fibromyalgia typically experience dizziness, fatigue, jaw, neck, and back pain, facial pain, numbness and tingling in the arms and hands, and sore/sensitive teeth; all of which can be alleviated by undergoing treatments with our professional.

In order to relieve these symptoms, Dr. Levy will evaluate the patient’s bite and do a series of neuromuscular tests. He will use neuromuscular dentistry technology to trace the source of the pain by plotting the movement of the bite and the area(s) of muscle tension. Most commonly, Dr. Levy will custom-make a device known as an orthotic, which is comfortably placed on the teeth in order to reposition the bite of the mouth. The orthotic is also provided for those who are experiencing chronic headaches, which may be associated with an unbalanced bite.

To see the results that Dr. Levy has helped some of his patients achieve, feel free to visit our smile gallery and watch patient testimonial videos.

Prospective Columbus and Hilliard fibromyalgia and TMJ patients can call us at (614) 915-0165 to schedule a consultation or fill out our contact form.

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