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The loss of your natural teeth is an unfortunate occurrence. Many people have felt that as a denture wearer, they have been left behind as traditional cosmetic dentistry has advanced with the current trend of veneers and full mouth restorations. Not only denture wearers, but unfortunately, a lot of dentists feel this way too. Dr. Levy combines his skills as an accomplished cosmetic dentist to create neuromuscular dentures that fill this void. They are considered a cosmetic full mouth restoration with proper functioning being as key an ingredient as esthetics.

FOY Dentures – How does neuromuscular dentistry help provide superior dentures?

When restoring a single tooth, the dentist can use the rest of your teeth as a reference for how high the new tooth should be and how it bites against other teeth. A denture wearer presents a bigger challenge: where do you make the teeth hit? Where to establish the bite (how high to make the upper and lower teeth) has traditionally been largely an arbitrary decision based on the dentist’s experience. While the patient may get by with this arbitrary bite position, it frequently leads to functional problems in chewing or speech and may also result in considerable discomfort or pain. An arbitrary bite position may also result in a very unnatural look.

NMD is an abbreviation of Neuromuscular Dentistry, the science part of the formula. The “neuromuscular dentist” is one who uses computer generated information concerning the status and function of the muscles and joints involved in your bite. In addition to all of the traditional means of denture construction, with NM Dentistry, the dentist precisely measures the activity of the muscles that control the jaw and determines an optimum jaw position – one dictated by scientific tests that that are conducted by Dr. Levy.

FOY Dentures – Process

In the NM evaluation process, Dr. Levy also looks for any abnormalities in your jaw function and will take steps to correct them in finalizing the FOY dentures.

Today, utilizing the concepts of neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Levy can create a beautiful set of dentures that are like none you’ve ever had. These dentures feature exceptionally natural and esthetic teeth that are personally positioned by Dr. Levy along with your input. Using a smile guide, Dr. Levy works with you to design custom dentures that can help restore your natural, beautiful smile. Results are predictable and smiles are beautiful!

Each set of FOY dentures is of course, custom made just for you. The process begins with detailed measurements of crucial aspects of facial size and mouth characteristics. You can choose from a wide range of smile designs and the teeth have subtle and natural differences in shapes and length. Tooth color and gum color are also carefully evaluated to find the perfect shades for your face. By combining just the right shape, length, and color, along with the latest neuromuscular principles, we can create your very own natural smile. When it comes to dentures, yours should go unnoticed. The better the dentures, the more natural and lifelike they appear. Gone are the days of the bulky and ugly denture.

Look Younger & Healthier with FOY Dentures

It’s astonishing how a cosmetic smile makeover, whether it be veneers or new dentures can make a huge difference in the way you look and feel about yourself. Old denture teeth wear down and can shorten the dimensions of your face. As a result, you look older and more wrinkled. However, by increasing the dimension between your upper and lower jaw with new cosmetic dentures, we can make you look and feel years younger. It’s like having plastic surgery without an operation! Cosmetic neuromuscular dentures combine the demands for function and esthetics and keep you comfortable.

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