Second Opinion

Second Opinion

If you are facing a decision about major dental treatment and would like a second opinion, we are happy to provide that service. When we provide second opinions, it is extremely important that we have recent x-rays in order to give a qualified opinion. Without them, we are wasting both your time and our time. As we realize that sometimes you may feel awkward asking your current dental office for your x-rays, please realize that we will need to take new ones as necessary. These visits are complimentary, however we will need to charge for x-rays should we need to take them. Please note that COPIES of your x-rays are NOT acceptable. If you obtain your records from your dentist, please make sure that they are the originals. (Digital radiographs are acceptable, however).

Many times a new patient comes to me for a consultation and is unsure of how to proceed. A patient may want veneers, but they are unsure as to how many veneers as well as to the shape, specific smile design, color, etc. Combining cosmetics and functional dentistry is an art form and requires that your dentist have the specialized training needed to achieve the desired outcome.

We find that there are four common reason people typically postpone dental treatment.

Fear: Most patients are nervous. We can make sure that your fears and anxieties disappear. We are trained in DOCS® oral sedation, offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas), powerful topical anesthetics, but most importantly we offer the latest technology available. Your visit will be comfortable and compassionate, as my trained staff will care for your every need.

Cost: Dental treatment is invaluable, but we realize that it can be costly. Dental insurance is rarely of any significance unless you are in excellent oral health and need minimal treatment. We want to help. We have several financing plans available. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have.

Need: Do I NEED that crown? Do I NEED gum therapy? We have all heard the adage “if it doesn’t hurt, don’t fix it.” While this can be great advice in some situations, it usually isn’t appropriate for dentistry. One of the best advantages of modern dentistry is that we can actually PREVENT pain and emergencies by treating conditions early. Small problems mean less costly treatment. Ignoring problems and disease leads to more complicated treatment plans.

Convenience: People are busy. They don’t like to be kept waiting and we schedule accordingly. Our goal is that we are 100% on time. Comprehensive dental treatment versus tooth by tooth treatment saves you valuable time.

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We are located in Grandview, WE ARE NOT IN DUBLIN– Riverside Drive is the same as Dublin Rd/33, the name of the road changes after you cross over W.5th Ave. We are next door to ABC/6/FOX. Entrance to our suite is located at the front of the building, by the road.