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Sleep Apnea Success StoryAll too often we see individuals suffering from sleep apnea and struggling with their treatment plan. We work closely with sleep disorder patients to provide them with a treatment option that works for them. The success stories we hear are incredible. It’s amazing how a person’s entire life can change once they’re able to consistently get night after night of quality sleep.

We’d like to take this opportunity to share one of these success stories in hopes that one woman’s journey will show you that there is another way.

Wray Jean’s Story

Wray Jean is a massage therapist who was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. As a person who promotes relaxation and rest for her patients, she was getting none herself. Her OSA caused her to snore, toss, turn, and generally not get any rest for years. When she was diagnosed with sleep apnea she began treatment.

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the airway collapses or becomes partially obstructed by the soft tissues in the throat during sleep. It prevents the patient from getting the quality sleep they need to survive. It not only disrupts sleep, but causes problems with memory, concentration, blood pressure, and much more.

The traditional method of treating OSA is with the use of a machine called a CPAP. Wray Jean was no exception. She was fitted with a CPAP and shown how to use it. The machine treats OSA by producing a continual current of air, also known as continuous positive airway pressure. The pressure helps prevent the airway from collapsing. It is among the most effective treatment options for OSA, as long as the patient can tolerate it.

Unfortunately for Wray Jean and many other patients, CPAP therapy was ineffective when it came to helping her sleep.

“My husband did notice a change in my snoring, but I still felt tired – I was always awake worrying about the mask and hose. I tried three different masks and none were comfortable enough for me.” Wray Jean said.

Finding a Treatment Option that Works

Unfortunately, Wray Jean isn’t the only person who finds CPAP therapy intolerable. It’s actually quite common for this to happen. Most patients give up on the device after a few weeks, with less than half continuing treatment beyond six months. Sleep disorders are very dangerous when left untreated, but the lack of sleep caused by an ineffective treatment option can be just as frustrating. Thankfully, Mark Levy DDS is expertly trained and one of the most knowledgeable dentists in regard to treating OSA.

Dr. Levy spoke about Wray Jean’s situation, “When Wray Jean first came to us, she had been struggling with discomfort and leaking from her CPAP for about 2 years. It was preventing her from getting a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, her apnea was a perfect match for appliance therapy.”

Dr. Levy set out to help Wray Jean regain control from her sleep disorder. Dental appliances are quickly becoming the number one alternative to CPAP therapy. Each oral appliance is created specifically for each patient to help treat their case of sleep apnea. Only specially trained dentists such as Mark Levy DDS are able to provide this valuable service for their patients.

“After about 3 weeks with her Respire Pink device, Wray Jean reported that she was sleeping 8 hours a night, dreaming more, and wasn’t getting tired at all during the day. We are all so happy for her!” Dr. Levy continued.

Wray Jean herself was amazed at the change.

“When I switched to the Oral Appliance, I slept the first night and every night since! I have enjoyed more restful sleep, my sleepy days are gone, and now that I’m not snoring my husband is more rested, too. That means no more afternoon naps, so we can be out enjoying all Columbus has to offer.”

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Dr. Levy Offers Hope to Thousands

Wray Jean is one of the many thousands of patients who’ve been helped by Dr. Levy. He truly cares about helping everyone live the best life possible. He takes the time and makes the effort to stay informed of the latest treatment options. This allows him to ensure everyone has the opportunity to effectively treat their sleep disorder.

If you or a loved one are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea but aren’t tolerating CPAP treatments, give Dr. Levy a call. He and his team will evaluate your unique case to see if you’re a candidate for using an oral appliance to treat your OSA. If so, we can begin the process to create your one of a kind dental appliance.

Sleep is important and we want to make sure you’re getting enough of it. Many people don’t realize just how big of an impact these sleeping disorders have on every aspect of our lives. Having a solution for every patient is extremely important and Dr. Levy is happy to help.

Call Mark Levy DDS at (614) 777-735 0 for more information on the benefits of using an oral appliance to treat OSA.