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June 25, 2013
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July 13, 2013
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Feeling Tired? See a Sleep Doctor

daytime tirednessThe Centers for Disease Control say that sleep problems are a “public health epidemic”. 70 million Americans have sleep problems and about 60% of those have a serious, chronic problem like obstructive sleep apnea.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine is trying to spread the word that being tired is not normal. “Far too many people accept sleep deprivation and sleepiness as a way of life. They see treatment of sleep illnesses as optional. In reality, countless studies have connected sleep illnesses with severe health consequences,” said Dr. Safwan Badr, president of the Academy.

Sleep disorders can affect physical, mental and emotional health. Patients experience reduced daytime alertness, poor memory and decision making functions and the disrupted nighttime sleep does not allow the body to receive adequate, healing rest.

Proper diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders can dramatically improve quality of life. Mood, productivity and overall health are changed for the better. Remember that only a board certified sleep doctor can diagnose sleep problems like obstructive sleep apnea. Treatment of sleep apnea using an oral appliance is a comfortable and easy-to-use choice for many patients. Only a dentist can provide an oral appliance to treat sleep apnea and patients should seek a dentist with extensive training in treating patients with sleep disorders.

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