Headache Therapy

Headache Therapy – Headaches Bite!

The Other Side of Dentistry: Improving and Saving Patient’s Lives, Not Just Their Teeth!

Headache Therapy

The head, neck and mouth are home to a myriad of nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and bones which affect not only your teeth, but your overall health and well-being. Dental forces, created by these elements, when not properly balanced, can result in symptoms which include chronic head, neck and facial pain, clenching, grinding, tinnitus (ear ringing), broken teeth, clicking/popping of the jaw and numerous other symptoms. Many patients suffer for years from migraines, daily headaches, and facial pain. Why? Many patients have what we call malocclusion (a bad bite) and it almost always goes undiagnosed by physicians and dentists alike. So patients end up with years of pain killers, doctors visits and missing out on life because of that chronic pain.

Is it ALL in my head??

stock-headacheHeadaches, migraines, clenching, grinding, broken teeth and other symptoms are often the result of unbalanced forces within the mouth, head, neck and jaw. While not all headaches are caused by a bad bite, all headaches are directly related to your bite because the part of the brain that contributes to headaches is also connected to your bite. Only recently has a system been developed to properly examine, diagnose and treat the dental force related symptoms experienced by tens of millions of patients.

Prescription drugs, over the counter pain killers and anti-inflammatories are masking pain, not resolving the underlying problems. With these modern exam and diagnosis methods, it is possible that your force related symptoms can be diagnosed and treated quickly and painlessly and without the need for drugs or even permanent mouth guards or orthotics.

Dr. Levy utilizes state-of-the-art technology found in less than 1% of all dental offices in the U.S. today to help patients regain their lives without pain or discomfort. In less than 5 minutes, he can determine if your symptoms are a a result of force imbalance in your mouth using computer guided analysis of both dental force and range of motion. Certainly a lot more sophisticated than the little piece of black paper you are instructed to grind and bite on after a filling or dental crown placement!

How do I know if my pain is from a ‘bad bite”?

Only a properly trained dentist can determine that, but chances are if you have been seeing physicians for years with little to no improvement, have worn down teeth, or have been in a car accident, it is very possible that you may have something going inside your mouth and it is best to have a consult to determine if that may be the real issue behind your pain.

A Trained and Trusted Expert

Dr. Levy is one dentist who has had extensive training in treating patients with chronic headache and facial pain. His therapies range from rehabilitation of the muscles and nerves that contribute to chronic pain to correction of that “bad bite” through therapy and reconstruction of your smile.

Dr. Levy is uniquely trained and equipped with state-of-the-art technology to quickly examine and diagnose force related symptoms. He uses modern, proven methods to identify issues often missed by other practitioners. He and his staff can then provide a series of treatments and therapies which can result in lasting relief to patient’s suffering from life impairing problems.

The treatments are painless, pleasant and require no drugs or needles. Treatments use systems and methods honed and perfected in treating elite athletes, rapidly and painlessly resolving issues from which patients have been suffering for years.

Frequently Asked Questions: Headache Therapy