How Effective Are Dental Devices for Sleep Apnea?

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December 10, 2018
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December 19, 2018
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How Effective Are Dental Devices for Sleep Apnea?

Have you ever asked yourself, just how effective are dental devices for sleep apnea treatment? If so, then know that you are not alone. This is a relatively common question, and for good reason. There are many places where you can go to find an appliance that sits in your mouth. However, you have to be careful. If you buy one over the counter, the answer to your question of effectiveness is not going to fare well. What you need is one that is custom for your mouth to treat sleep apnea. This is when you will find the greatest level of success and effectiveness.

So, Just How Effective Are Dental Devices for treating Sleep Apnea According to Experts?

When you look at how effective something is, you need to go to the experts for a real answer. In this case, the expert we are referring to is the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, also known as the AADSM. They are one of the leading experts in anything having to do with dental devices and how they help treat sleeping issues.

There has been lots of research done to see what the most effective ways are to treat issues like apnea and snoring. The consensus is that dental devices are one of the top options out there, when you use the right kind. Buying a dental device from a drug store means that you get it hot, usually in boiling water, and form it loosely to your mouth. This gives you a slight bit of protection, but it can slip and slide around at night. With that type of movement, it is not likely going to give you the protection you need.

Instead, you want a customized dental device that is formed to your specific teeth and jaw. This can only be achieved by having a dental device created for you from a mold of your mouth. For this type of work, you need to see your dentist and have them create not only the mold, but also help keep the device properly fitting over time.

What Is Usually Used to Treat Apnea and Similar Sleep Disorders?

The most common way of treating apnea, especially obstructive sleep apnea, is by using a CPAP machine. This puts positive pressure into your airways, keeping them from closing while you sleep. While it is a very effective machine, it also has its drawbacks. It is usually quite noisy, very bulky, and it takes a long time for people to get used to wearing a full mask when they sleep. This means that a lot of people want alternative ways of treating their sleep disorders. It also means that many people try and avoid using their CPAP machines at all costs, potentially harming their own health in the process.

When apnea or other similar sleep disorders go on untreated, or where patients are not using the right treatment, it can cause a lot of issues. Not only do you not get good sleep, you also risk some long-term health problems. When you do not breathe properly in your sleep, your risks of developing heart disease, dementia, and type 2 diabetes go up. Plus, your reaction speed slows down, which can make something as simple as you driving to the store for groceries, dangerous. It is like having a drunk person driving, but without the alcohol.

Are There Perks to Using Dental Devices for Sleep Apnea?

There are several perks that come along with using a dental device to treat apnea. First, you have an option that is totally quiet. You never have to lug a noisy machine anywhere, even if you are going on vacation. Second, you only put it in when you are ready to go to sleep. You do not have to worry about wearing it at any other part of the day.

Third, there are many health issues associated with CPAP machines. You can get mildew in the tubing, it can cause irritation to your face, and it can lead to problems with dry mouth, which can directly impact your oral health. With a dental device, these worries are gone. Since your dentist is the one who also creates the device, they can also show you how to use it without fear of it damaging your oral health.

Where to Get a Dental Device Locally

For those who have seriously wondered, how effective are dental devices for sleep apnea, you now have an answer. So, it is time to get your device so you can sleep in peace and without worry about apnea symptoms. Where should you look? The first place to look is a dental office that has experience creating these dental devices. Luckily for you, there is one with a lot of experience close to home. The office of Mark Levy, DDS has helped hundreds of patients get a properly fitting dental device to help them treat their sleep disorders.

What you have to do is to call the office and let the people at the front desk know that you want to find out more about a dental device. They will schedule a time for you to come in and have a consultation with one of the experienced staff in the office. You can discuss your symptoms and find out how long it would take for your oral appliance to be made. They can answer any and all questions you may have. Then you can decide what the next step should be.

If you want to get the process started, then you will let them know and they will schedule the appointments out for you. One of them will be to create the mold, and another will be for when the device is ready. If there are any oral health issues that need to address first, those appointments can be made at the same time.

To find out more, reach out to Mark Levy, DDS by calling (614) 777-7350 today. That way, you will never again have to ask yourself about the effectiveness of dental devices for sleep apnea?

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