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How Long Do Tooth Replacements Last?

If you have been looking into tooth replacements to help restore your smile, then you are likely comparing them on a few different levels. You have the pain of the procedure, if any, the cost, the look, the ease of use, and how long each of the different types of tooth replacements will last you. Each of these should factor into your decision on getting a replacement. It is wise to go through and make sure that each type is compared, and then when you have it narrowed down, you need to speak with your dental professional. Here is the breakdown on most of your replacement options.

The Basics of Tooth Replacements

When you lose a tooth, you often seek out ways to make that loss less obvious. This means finding something that can fill in the gap. There are several types of tooth replacements, from bridges to dentures to dental implants. Dentures are usually the easiest, least painful, and least expensive option for most people facing the loss of just a couple teeth to full tooth loss. They do not take long to create, they last for quite some time if properly maintained, and they are easy to replace should they ever get broken.

Bridges are the next type of tooth replacement on the list. They usually work best for one tooth or just a few teeth that are now missing. They require you to have another tooth nearby in most cases that the bridge can be anchored to. They are not overly expensive, and they do not take long to manufacture in most cases. They are easy to clean, and require little special treatment. They can last for many years if they are maintained with a high level of hygiene and care.

Dental implants are the longest lasting type of tooth replacement currently on the market. Once you have a dental implant put in, they do not need to come out again. They are higher costing than their counterparts, but if maintained properly, they can last you the rest of your life. This often makes them worth the cost to consumers.

If you have been considering tooth replacements, contact Dr. Levy now and let us help you decide which are the best for your mouth!