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Is sleeping apart healthier?

Snoring Sleep Apnea

Snoring Sleep Apnea

Getting a solid night of sleep is important to overall health and well-being. So why do so many couples choose to sleep together, even when it disturbs their sleep? From snoring to tossing and turning, getting a good nights sleep may come down to sleeping apart. According to The New York Times, many couples are opting to sleep separately.

While most couples consider sharing a bed to be an expression of intimacy and togetherness, research show there may be grounds for sleeping separately — like the bedroom scenes in the 1950s TV show “I Love Lucy,” starring Lucille Ball and her real-life husband, Desi Arnaz.

Couples who sleep in the same bedroom are more likely to experience nocturnal disturbances from their partner (like snoring, bad hygiene, tossing and turning and different schedules). And all this can lead to health problems, sexual dysfunction and marital spats.

According to the article, studies show that sleep issues and relationship troubles go hand in hand.

In fact, a 2013 study from the University of California, Berkeley found that one partner’s sleepless night caused by disturbances from the other partner can result in conflicts in the relationship the next day.

According to Mary Jo Rapini, who is an intimacy and relationship psychotherapist based in Houston, the affected person who is being disturbed is affected with increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The lack of sleep and increased cortisol can affect the day to day relationship. Having a good night of rest can greatly increase happiness and strengthen relationships.

There is a trend for couples who opt to sleep in separate rooms to combat these issues.

A 2012 survey by the Better Sleep Council showed that one in four couples sleeps separately for a better night’s sleep. Yet 46 percent of 2,000 Americans polled last year by the marketing research company OnePoll on behalf of the bedding retailer Slumber Cloud said they wished they could sleep apart from their partner.”

When a person is more rested everything in life is easier. You have a better focus and clarity. This makes a person happier and more content and that helps build a stronger relationship.

When both parties are getting a restorative night’s sleep it allows them to feel emotionally, mentally and physically healthier without one resentful of their partner for keeping them awake, nor the other feeling guilty for disturbing his or her mate,” said Jennifer Adams, the author of “Sleeping Apart Not Falling Apart” (Finch Publishing, 2015). “That’s a good foundation on which to build and weather a relationship.

The article goes on to talk about why couples started sleeping apart. Some couples claimed that they simply got a better nights sleep. Others stated that it actually strengthened their relationship. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.But what the article did not cover was the underlying issues. Snoring is one of the biggest issues for many couples. Snoring can be a sign of other issues, like obstructive sleep apnea, which is treatable.

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