Keep Your Smile With FOY Dentures: What They Are and How They Work

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August 22, 2016
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August 31, 2016
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Keep Your Smile With FOY Dentures: What They Are and How They Work

Patients now have more and more options when it comes to dentures. FOY dentures are a new technique thatcleaning-dentures allow for more realistic looking teeth and greater health in the mouth and jaw.

The loss of the entire set of teeth or the loss of enough natural teeth to require dentures is mostly seen in elderly patients. However, gum disease, tooth decay, and even trauma to the mouth and jaw can affect younger patients as well. One set of traditional dentures should last as long as ten years. More often traditional dentures have to be replaced after five years or more. Patients might be required to replace their dentures several times over the course of their life, which is quite costly.

Bone loss due to missing teeth

Our teeth are held to our jaw bone by the tooth roots. If we are missing teeth, the jaw bone no longer has any stimulation from the tooth roots and it starts to sink in. After as little as 18 months, bone loss can set in enough to affect the outward appearance of the jaw. The jaw along with some of the facial muscles begin to droop, making the patient look much older than they really are.

Problems with traditional dentures

Traditional dentures can often be made incorrectly. Or they can be made with only an approximate fit to the patient instead of an exact, individualized fit.

In addition, traditional dentures only make up for the outward appearance of teeth. They do not provide stimulation to the jaw bone to prevent bone loss. Even if you have traditional dentures made by a dentist soon after you lose your natural teeth, your jaw bone will continue to deteriorate. With advance jaw bone loss, the bottom jaw will protrude out past the upper lip at an unnatural angle.

Not only does this deterioration cause frustration and self-consciousness in the patient, it causes the dentures themselves to no longer fit. As bone loss increases, the traditional dentures become loose and shift around uncomfortably inside the mouth. The patient is then forced to have them repaired or replaced, often before they would otherwise need to replace the dentures if they fit correctly.

How FOY dentures are different

FOY dentures are a new technique that can eliminate many of the problems that traditional dentures create. If you are limited to strictly dentures, as opposed to dental implants, these are your best kind of dentures.

FOY dentures are three dimensional and work to keep the structure of your jawbone and facial muscles. Unlike traditional dentures, they are matched as closely as possible to the individual patient. Also different from traditional dentures, they stimulate the jawbone in a similar way that natural teeth or dental implants do.

Without jaw bone loss, you can maintain the shape of your jawbone and facial muscles for much longer and carry a much more youthful look. Your cheekbones will remain higher and you can smile with more confidence.

As the name “FOY dentures” suggests, your face might have the same effect as if you had had facelift surgery without the expense, pain, and risk to your health. You will have full lips and cheeks, appropriate jaw and facial structure, and less wrinkles around your mouth. You will also keep your jaw in line so that your “bite” remains the way it is supposed to during eating.

Also by preventing jaw bone loss, your FOY dentures will last you longer because the shape of your jaw will not change. You will be able to smile, talk, laugh, or eat and look like you have natural teeth.

How FOY dentures are made

Whether this is your first set of dentures or you are upgrading from traditional dentures, you will want to give a thorough history of your dental health to your dentist. The process of receiving FOY dentures for yourself is similar to that of traditional dentures. You will meet with a neuromuscular dentist to discuss your history and your dental health. If you have any remaining teeth at all, you and your dentist will discuss how to keep those natural teeth healthy while wearing your FOY dentures.

Because FOY dentures are rather new to the dental field, not all dentists are trained in how to make or use them. Ask your current dentist to refer you to someone experienced in using FOY dentures if necessary.

Once you decide for sure on FOY dentures, your dentist will take a mold of your jaw when your muscles are relaxed and in the proper position. Then, the dentist will take a mold of your “bite” so that the FOY dentures will allow for adequate movement of the jaw during normal eating or talking. Finally, based on these molds the dentist will make a set of FOY dentures that is individualized to the shape of your jaw and mouth. You will be encouraged to come in for future appointments to ensure that the dentures are working correctly and have the correct fit.

Are you in need of dentures for the first time? Or, do you already have dentures and are looking for a change to FOY dentures? Call for a consultation with Dr. Mark Levy, DDS in Columbus, Ohio at (614) 777-7350.