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Migraines and Cardiovascular Issues Could be the Result of Your Bite

Migraines and cardiovascular issues plague millions of Americans. Often times, doctors aren’t able to give a clear cause for these problems. However, new studies from 2016 are providing new insight to the cause of migraines and cardiovascular issues.

The Link between Migraines and Cardiovascular Issues

Dentists like Mark Levy DDS find that many patients suffer from migraines caused by malocclusion. This means that your bite could be the cause behind your migraines. This is especially important for women. According to Science Daily:

Women who suffer from migraine headaches have a slightly increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease later in life.

A group of researchers discovered this information. The leader of the group is Professor Tobias Kurth who is the Head of the Institute of Public Health at a large teaching hospital in Berlin. Together, they’ve established:

Female migraine patients have a higher risk of stroke or heart attacks than women without migraine. Their Findings are based on an analysis of data collected as part of the US-based Nurses’ Health Study II, and have been published in the British Medical Journal.

Details of the Study Linking Migraines and Cardiovascular Issues

About one in five women suffer from migraine headaches according to the Professional Association of German Neurologists. More than 115,500 women enrolled in the Nurses’ Health Study II were analyzed by the research team. The participant’s baseline ages were between 25 and 42 years old. At this time they did not present with cardiovascular disease. About 15% of these women had been diagnosed as having migraine headaches. Science Daily goes on to cover the details of the study:

Between 1989 and 2011, cardiovascular events were observed in 1,329 of these women; 223 died as a result. “Our analysis suggests that migraine should be considered an important risk marker for cardiovascular disease, particularly in women,” concludes Prof. Kurth, adding that: “The risk of developing cardiovascular events was shown to be 50% higher in women with a diagnosis of migraine. When compared to women unaffected by the condition, the risk of developing a heart attack was 29% higher for the women with migraine, the risk of having a stroke 62% higher, and that of developing angina, 73% higher.”

The study included a high number of vascular risk factors. However, no data was available for individual biomarkers. They also did not have migraine headache specifics such as details regarding migraine auras. This shows that more research is needed. Additional research will be able to help identify underlying causes for the link between migraines and cardiovascular issues. Research will also be able to determine which preventative treatments will be the most effective. No study has been conducted regarding the link between migraines and cardiovascular issues for men.

A Bad Bite May be the Cause Behind Your Migraines

There’s an incredible network of nerves, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints in the mouth, neck, and head. This network not only can cause problems with your bite when not properly aligned, but problems can also lead to migraine headaches. Dental forces require a delicate balance and when this balance is off then symptoms arise.

Patients with an imbalanced bite often have head, facial, or neck pain. They may also experience jaw clenching, teeth grinding, ear ringing, clicking in the jaw, and a handful of other symptoms. Many medical professionals don’t think to evaluate the bite as a potential cause for migraine headaches. As a result, many patients suffer at the hands of their symptoms for years.

Unfortunately, prescription drugs, pain killers, and anti-inflammatories do not cure the condition. These medications simply mask the pain and symptoms. In order to be free of the pain associated with a bad bite you must correct the underlying problem. Thankfully, there are dental professionals who’ve been trained to diagnose and treat this condition.

Fewer than 1% of United States dental offices carry the technology required to diagnose a force imbalance in your mouth. Yet this technology is invaluable when it comes to diagnosing the problem. It only takes about five minutes to create an accurate analysis of your dental force and your range of motion.

Headache Therapy for Patients Suffering from a Bad Bite

Mark Levy DDS is one of the few dentists in the country with training that includes treating patients for head and facial pain. He and his expert staff help relieve migraine headaches by rehabilitating the muscles and nerves causing the bad bite. These painless treatments require no drugs or needles. Dr. Levy’s techniques treat patients who’ve suffered from pain and bad bite symptoms for years.

Thousands of patients suffer from migraine headaches without any relief. If your physician is unable to find a cause for your migraines you may want to speak with a qualified dentist to evaluate your bite. Dr. Levy has helped people take their lives back from migraine headaches. Don’t suffer a moment longer than necessary.

Call Mark Levy DDS at (614) 777-7350 for more information about the headache therapy and the connection between migraines and cardiovascular issues.