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March 17, 2015
Options for Tooth Replacements Part Two
March 31, 2015
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Options for Tooth Replacements Part One

Tooth replacements are something that almost everyone will have to consider at some point in their life. The statistics show that almost everyone will lose at least one, if not more teeth at some point in their life. In order to have a great smile that does not have any gaps due to missing teeth, it is a good idea to understand what the options are when it comes to replacing the teeth. The choices that a person will make for tooth replacement will depend on their budget and what they want their smile to look like.

The Most Common ways to go about Tooth Replacement

There are some very common techniques that are used to replace one, several or all of the teeth that have been lost due to decay, disease, age, or accidents.

  • Dentures – Dentures are a removable appliance that can replace one, several or a full set of teeth. Dentures rely on support from surrounding teeth or some type of mechanical support that connects the denture to the gum or jaw. Dentures are a relatively inexpensive way to replace lost teeth.
  • Fixed bridges – Fixed bridges are permanent replacement for missing teeth. They require more work to put in and they are more expensive than removable dentures.
  • Veneers – Veneers cannot replace missing teeth. They are fastened to the existing teeth. Veneer can be used to cover broken or damaged teeth and they can be used to fix gaps between teeth. They can be a low cost solution, and they can last around 10 years.
  • Implants – Implants are permanent teeth replacements. Implants are a false tooth that is connected to a post that is put into the bone of the jaw. The bone will grow around the post to keep the tooth in place. The cost of dental implants is the biggest problem. A single implant can cost $3,000 and to replace all of the teeth with implants will cost tens of thousands of dollars.

No one has to accept the missing space in their smile if they lose a tooth. They just need to know what their options are.

To find out more about what can be done with tooth replacements, contact Dr. Levy to see what they can do for you.

Options for Tooth Replacements Part Two