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May 6, 2013
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Oral Appliances for Sleep Apnea Covered by Medical Insurance

Oral appliance therapy is used to treat obstructive sleep apnea and is covered by most medical insurance policies and Medicare. Oral appliances are available from dentists who have specialized training in the field of dental sleep medicine. cpap2

Many patients are unable to tolerate using CPAP to treat their obstructive sleep apnea – and some don’t even want to try. The good news is that oral appliances are highly effective and most people find them more comfortable than CPAP. Most medical insurance policies do not require a trial period with a CPAP before providing benefits for an oral appliance. These oral appliances are covered under medical insurance policies – even though the treatment is rendered by a dentist!

Typically, insurance companies do not have contracts with dentists – so your oral appliance provider will be considered “out of network”. Dentists that work with large numbers of sleep apnea patients usually have a staff member who will help you deal with the insurance companies. Just remember that working with insurance companies can be time consuming and frustrating so be kind to the dental office staff that are filing the insurance for you.

If you have obstructive sleep apnea and are interested in oral appliance therapy there are several things you will need to provide in order for us to begin working on a treatment plan and arranging for medical benefits:

  • A written prescription from your physician for an oral appliance
  • Your diagnostic sleep study (this must be recent)
  • Progress notes from your physician
  • If you have tried using CPAP and could not use the device copies of these notes are helpful with the insurance companies

Obstructive sleep apnea has serious long term health consequences if left untreated. Find out more about treating your obstructive sleep apnea using oral appliance therapy by contacting Columbus and Gahanna sleep apnea dentist Dr. Mark Levy today at 614-476-6696.

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