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March 16, 2010
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OraVerse Columbus

OraVerse is scientifically proven to reduce the time you are numb from dental anesthetic in half the time allowing you to get back to your day.

Getting Rid of Numbness With OraVerse

Many patients complain that the worst part of having dental treatment is the “numbness” while waiting for the anesthesia to wear off.  Dental anesthesia injections themselves are virtually painless today but returning to work or school following and appointment can be tricky — smiling, talking and eating are all difficult while still numb.

We now offer OraVerse which rapidly reverses the effects of local dental anesthetics so you can get on with your day following your dental treatment.  OraVerse has been shown to return normal sensation to the lips and tongue in about half the time.

Results from the first OraVerse dental practice survey presented at the American Association of Dental Research meeting showed that 86% of dental patients reported that OraVerse improved their dental experience, 82% would recommend OraVerse to their friends and family and that 80% would request the product again.

OraVerse (Phentolamine Mesylate) is an injection that is given at the same site as the anesthetic.   Since you are already numb, there is no sensation or discomfort.  OraVerse is proven safe and effective for adults and children age 6 or over.

On those days when you simply must get back to your busy schedule, or if you have had previous bad experiences with biting your cheek or lip while numb, OraVerse may hold the solution by rapidly returning you to smiling and speaking normally.  In the Columbus area contact us at 614-454-3488 to discuss how OraVerse  can help you.