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April 27, 2018
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Sleep Disturbances in Women with PCOS

Were you aware that women who suffered from PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, were more likely to struggle with sleep disturbances? It is true, according to several research studies. Since PCOS can affect the psychological, reproductive, and metabolic health of women, sleep disturbances are a natural effect as well. When the research results were in, the scientists found that the rates of those suffering from sleep disturbances were higher among the group of women with diagnosed PCOS. This included issues like obstructive sleep apnea, along with daytime sleepiness that affects how those women live.

How Are Sleep Disturbances and PCOS Connected?

When you struggle with PCOS, it brings with it a slew of other ailments. It typically begins with a decrease in quality of life through one of several symptoms. This could begin as depression or anxiety, or it could begin as a decrease in wanting to be active. This happens because of the hormonal changes that occur as a result of PCOS. PCOS is a result of changes to the endocrine system, where the body is no longer capable of sending the same messages as it used to. This includes sending messages of being tired or waking up properly. The messages get all jumbled up, and the body struggles to decode the messages the way they get received.

What Other Ailments Come with PCOS?

Since PCOS affects the endocrine system, it can affect nearly any part of the body. What the endocrine system does, is send messages out to every cell of the body. These messages tell each cell in your body what job it has. It signals everything from when your body needs to heal, to when you need to raise or lower your metabolism. When the endocrine system does not work, from ailments like PCOS, it causes your body to shut down in some ways.

Instead of regulating itself, your body goes into protection-mode. This means it lowers your metabolism to keep fuel stored up. This can increase your overall body weight and lead to problems like obesity. Your body struggles to defend itself when the endocrine system does not properly function. Having PCOS can affect the ability for your entire body to function. Since it works with the most basic level of cells, it can affect the most basic things that your body does. This includes how you sense the things around you, your heart beating, and even how often you take a breath.

Another problem that comes along with PCOS and similar ailments that affect the endocrine system is premature aging. While looking older may not be something you worry about, premature aging of your body can lead to a host of problems. Not only can you wind up facing sleep disturbances, but you can even have your organs begin to struggle. Since your endocrine system is not sending the proper growth or healing messages, your organs begin to age. This could lead to organ failure at a premature rate because your organs cannot heal themselves without these messages being sent out.

What Can You Do to Decrease Your Sleep Disturbances if You have PCOS?

When PCOS causes sleep disturbances, you need to seek out help in managing your symptoms. This means going through and officially getting diagnosed with whatever disturbance you face. The effects of PCOS are very cyclical. They decrease your quality of life, which leads to more problems, which further decrease your quality of life. The sooner you get each symptom treated, the more control you have over your quality of life.

Once you have your sleep disturbances diagnosed, you then need to figure out the best way to treat each one. If you struggle with snoring, you should get help to keep your nasal passages open. Sometimes you can relieve this with over the counter products. For those who struggle with insomnia, there are treatments you can try for that as well. Things like sticking to a routine and getting solid exercise each day can help your body get tired at the right time. This can improve both your quantity of sleep, as well as your quality of sleep.

Getting Help for Your Sleep Disturbances

When you struggle with sleep disturbances, the best thing to do is treat the symptoms. Each type of sleep disorder has its own set of symptoms. To decrease how much those symptoms alter your life, you need to treat them. There are several options out there to help you through nearly any type of sleep problem. You can seek out treatments that specifically work with the sleep issue you personally face.

If what you struggle with is sleep apnea, then you are in luck. There are many ways sleep apnea can be treated. That way, your sleep disturbances do not get worse due to your PCOS. The better you can keep the symptoms under control, the less you will feel the effects of your sleep apnea. We can help you manage your sleep apnea with a simple oral appliance. It holds your airway open when you sleep, allowing you to breathe more easily. We simply need to make a mold of your mouth, then we create an appliance that sits in your mouth perfectly. Whenever you go to sleep, you put it in and sleep better. It is that simple!

There are other treatment options we can help with as well. All you need to do is come to us and get a consultation to figure out which treatment will work best for you. We can help with everything from diagnosing the problem, to helping treat it so you can get more solid sleep. Don’t let your PCOS rule every part of your life. Let us help you better manage your ability to sleep.

Whether or not you have PCOS, if you have sleep apnea, we can help. Turn to us here at the office of Mark Levy, DDS, by calling (614)777-7350 today. Let us help you treat your sleep disturbances and get on with your life.