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The Truth About Toothache

When a patient calls with a “toothache” the detective work begins. While the top reasons for toothache are cavities or gum disease there are other causes for oral pain. A thorough examination, including x-rays, is needed to diagnose the cause of the pain.

Usually our examination will show obvious dental decay or an abscess that is the cause of the pain. On some occasions the cause may not be obvious. Has the patient had recent dental restorations? Perhaps the reason for the pain is a crown or a filling that is not in proper alignment with the other teeth – the forces exerted by chewing can irritate the nerves and cause a toothache type pain. In some cases the pain is due to an improper bite or grinding of the teeth which causes pain and damage to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). In these cases it is important to restore the bite to the perfect position using the principles of neuromuscular dentistry.

In extremely rare cases toothache pain may not be caused by a problem with the teeth, gums or jaw but instead could be a symptom of heart disease (angina or heart attack), ear infection or even a sinus problem. If your dentist is unable to discover a dental cause for the discomfort you may be referred to your physician to make sure no underlying medical condition could be causing the pain.

The good news is that most toothaches are caused by simple cavities and can easily be remedied by removing the decay and placing an appropriate restoration such as a tooth colored filling or crown. To avoid experiencing a toothache remember to schedule regular visits with your dentist and have all needed dental care completed as soon as possible — waiting until later to have that crown or filling replaced can lead to needing more expensive treatment in the future.

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