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August 24, 2016
What are FOY Dentures
September 7, 2016
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Top Eight Advantages of FOY Dentures

ba-denturesAnytime one loses their natural teeth due to trauma or age and disease, the thought of receiving dentures can bring on a lot of anxiety. Fortunately, patients in need of dentures have more options now than ever before. One option that is gaining popularity is FOY dentures.

FOY dentures allow for a more customized fit than any other type of denture. Here are some advantages that FOY dentures have over traditional dentures.

1. Brighter smile

Traditional dentures might shift forward when you smile, showing more of the gums and making your smile look unnatural. The longer you have a particular set of dentures, the more likely this is to happen.

The structure of FOY dentures will give you a whiter and brighter, more natural smile. You can smile without being afraid of how it will look to others.

2. Confidence

Smile, laugh, eat, and talk without a second thought. When you don’t have to worry about losing your dentures or looking unnatural, you can have a much more enjoyable time in everyday life.

No one has to know you have dentures if you do not choose to tell them.

Look forward to spending time with family and friends or go to work with more confidence than ever before.

3. Younger look

The longer you go without natural teeth, the the more the bone in your jaw deteriorates and wears away. Then, your other facial muscles may sag as well. This creates a sunken in look that can make you appear ten years or more older. You can give yourself a more youthful look with FOY dentures.

4. Natural appearance

FOY dentures look much more like regular teeth, second only to full dental implants. Because of the better individualized fit, the look of your face will remain full and natural.

5. Facelift appearance without surgery

Your entire face will look like you did when you had a set of natural teeth. By preventing bone loss, your face will appear fuller and more natural. Your cheekbones and jaw will remain in the correct place and avoid the “sunken in” look. FOY dentures can help you achieve the look as if you have had a facelift without invasive, expensive surgery.

6. FOY dentures match the shape of your face

Traditional dentures can be made with a mere guess as to what will fit in your mouth. FOY dentures are fit for your individual needs.

7. Prevention of bone loss

Our teeth are held into the jaw bone by the tooth roots. When you lose even one tooth, the jaw bone in the area of that tooth no longer has the stimulation it needs to remain in tact.

If you lose all of your natural teeth you will need dentures or some type of alternative. However, traditional dentures do not stimulate the jaw bone either. Traditional dentures are only meant to give the outward appearance that looks like natural teeth. They are not made to maintain optimum health. After a year or more without natural teeth, your jaw bone may start to sink in, creating an aged, unnatural look.

If your jaw bone sags or sinks in due to lack of stimulation, your traditional dentures will no longer fit correctly. They will begin to slide unnaturally or may come loose out of your mouth.

FOY dentures are made to fit appropriately for the individual. They stimulate the jaw bone to prevent bone loss in a way that traditional dentures do not. Once they are fitted for the shape of your jaw and face, your jaw bone will remain in tact and so will the shape of your face.

8. Fewer problems with fit

Many types of traditional dentures are only approximately matched to the shape of your jaw and face. FOY dentures are able to match the structure of your face and jaw more precisely. You can work with your dentist and follow up to ensure the best personalized fit possible.

Due to the bone loss associated with the loss of natural teeth and traditional dentures, these may not last you very long. Even dentures that fit fine for a while can become loose and not fit well at all after a year or two. You will have to go back to get your dentures repaired or resized. The more bone loss you suffer as time goes on, the more likely you will have to have your dentures replaced. Without bone loss, FOY dentures can save you money and be replaced less often.

In Columbus, Ohio, Mark Levy, DDS is experienced in using FOY dentures to improve the dental health and quality of life for his patients. To learn more about your options for different kinds of dentures and the advantages of the newer FOY dentures, contact Mark Levy, DDS in Columbus, Ohio at (614) 777-7350.