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August 31, 2016
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What are FOY Dentures

FOY dentures are the new solution for those individuals who are suffering from “denture look” – the result of long-term use of traditional or economy dentures, that results in an uneven facial appearance with flat teeth. All dentures are not the same and therefore not every patient in need of dentures is forced to live with the “denture look.” FOY dentures offer patients an alternative that can actually make the face appear younger, firmer and more lifted.

FOY dentures are capable of not only improving dental aesthetics, but also improving the patients overall dental health, as well as enhancing the facial appearance with a more lifted look – all without the need for surgery. FOY dentures offer an effective alternative to traditional dentures that boasts the added bonus of removing age from a patient’s face.

How Do FOY Dentures Work

FOY dentures were developed under the sound principle of neuromuscular dentistry. Neuromuscular dentistry focuses on how the soft tissues (muscles and nerves) and the hard tissues (bones, joints and teeth) work together harmoniously. The development of FOY dentures along with the employment of neuromuscular dentistry allows the dentist to select the best front teeth for the patients face, chin and lips; determine the correct length of the patients face; as well as select the best design for optimal jaw position and function.

FOY dentures offer a highly customizable solution to traditional dentures, offering patients both aesthetics and functionality simultaneously. The FOY denture technology is a dental tool that many Hilliard, Ohio dentists employ in order to promote adequate dental health, as well as anti-aging beauty.  Combined with cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening, crowns and/or smile makeovers, or used as a full mouth reconstruction –FOY dentures are capable of giving patients that award winning smile that they have always dreamed of.

Causes of the Sunken Facial Appearance That FOY Dentures Corrects

Traditionally speaking, denture wearers do not have any remaining natural teeth, this may be due to extraction, trauma or gum disease, but for this reason these patients are highly subject to jawbone reabsorption. Many people are unaware that if the gum tissue is not constantly stimulated after tooth loss, then the bone of the jaw will actually reabsorb into the jaw itself. The result of the jaw reabsorption is the sunken in “denture look.”

Natural teeth are attached to the jaw bone by tooth roots. With normal function such as eating, the tooth will stimulate the jaw, keeping bone and tissue in place. Once a tooth is lost this stimulation no longer occurs and the body, therefore believes that the bone is not necessary. The result is the natural reabsorption of the bone back into the jaw itself.

Bone loss will vary from patient to patient, but the majority of individuals that have lost a tooth claim that bone loss occurs within the first 18 months after a tooth is removed or lost. FOY dentures combat this natural reabsorption by offering a natural fit to the patient’s gum line. This specialized fit allows the denture itself to act as a stimulation method for the jawbone, therefore preventing the bone and tissue reabsorption.

 Problems with Traditional Dentures

The problem that traditional dentures pose to patients is that the prosthesis are designed to sit atop the gum line. This provides no real stimulation to the essential bones and tissue deep within the gums and therefore the bone and tissue will begin to dissolve. Old technology reigns with traditional dentures, as their sole purpose is to replace missing teeth, with minimal thought ever being put into functionality. With traditional dentures since jaw bone loss is highly common, it is therefore not uncommon that after only a couple of years a patient in traditional dentures has to return for a new fitting due to reabsorption.

Purpose of FOY Dentures

The use of neuromuscular treatments, as well as FOY dentures is capable of producing a smile for a patient that appears to only be achievable through surgery. The FOY dentures are designed to fit partially on the muscles of the jawbone in order to provide stimulation. FOY dentures are designed to provide the patient with the most stable and functional denture option, offering remarkable aesthetics, full functionality and optimal facial support. The facial support offered by FOY dentures is capable of combating the well-known “denture look.” Because not all Hilliard, Ohio dentists are capable of providing FOY dentures it is therefore important that prior to your denture consultation you ensure that your dentist of choice is up to date with the modern advancements in dentistry.

As of today, many dentists will recommend dental implants over traditional dentures, purely due to the inconvenience role they play in the everyday life of patients. FOY dentures offer patients the stability and functionality that come along with dental implants, however minus the surgery!

To learn more about FOY dentures and how your face could benefit, call Mark Levy DDS today.