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May 5, 2015
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May 19, 2015
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Why Choose FOY Dentures?

If you have been considering getting FOY Dentures, you are probably trying to figure out if they are worth it or not. There are many benefits that come with getting new FOY Dentures. One of the biggest advantages is looking and feeling years younger. However, that is not the only advantage to these technologically designed dentures. There are other perks that you can also get simply by updating your dentures over traditional styles of dentures.

FOY Dentures Leave You Looking and Feeling More Youthful

The way that FOY Dentures are created, they fill out your face and have a more natural, youthful angle to them. Instead of having the dentures facing inward, like traditional dentures do, FOY Dentures are straighter, with a slight angle outward, giving you fuller cheeks and a younger appearance. They are also designed based on how your mouth moves. Traditional dentures are designed to fit in your mouth when the mold is made, which leaves you having a rigid set of dentures that are meant to fit into a mouth at rest. However, FOY Dentures are designed to fit into your mouth as it would naturally function, so that includes chewing and speaking. This leaves you with dentures that have a more secure fit, giving you the ability to eat and function like normal.

FOY Dentures Leave You Healthier than Traditional Dentures

When teeth are lost, the jaw is left with nothing to do, so the bone begins to deteriorate. Traditional dentures often have pressure points where one part of the jaw has pressure on it, and the rest does not. This leaves you with the same issue. FOY Dentures, on the other hand, are able to provide consistent pressure along the entire gum line, helping your jaw receive the pressure it needs to be able to remain solid and strong.

FOY Dentures also offer the ability to look like a younger version of yourself. A traditional facelift will go through and remove original proportions by removing the skin and muscle of your face. FOY Dentures give you back the same proportions you had when you were younger, giving you the ability to remain looking like you instead of someone else. As you lose teeth, you are in essence left with a shorter face. This leaves you with unsightly jowls and a more saggy appearance. FOY Dentures add that length back into your face, restoring the way your face looked, and lessening or even removing the jowls and wrinkles that became more noticeable as you lost more teeth. This is not possible with traditional dentures, as they are shorter than standard teeth, and angled in towards your tongue.

People often notice a sunken-in appearance after getting traditional dentures. Most people do not understand why, they simply accept that this is their fate so long as they have to wear dentures. This does not have to be the case, however. With FOY Dentures, you can have teeth that allow you to eat and chew like normal, without leaving your face sunken-in. Traditional dentures get their strength from their shape. They are angled backwards and in, towards the tongue. This helps them stay put better. FOY Dentures are angled out, away from the tongue, and towards the front of the mouth, giving your cheeks a fuller appearance, alleviating that sunken-in look that is associated with dentures.

If the goal you are after is having a full set of teeth that let you eat and function like normal, then traditional dentures will be fine. However, if you want a full set of secure teeth that let your mouth function like normal, without the pressure points most associate with traditional dentures, plus give you the look of a younger version of yourself, then you need to go with FOY Dentures.

To find out what FOY Dentures could offer you, give Dr. Levy a call.